Art By: Braininjected Artwork

Braininjected Art

Freelance Ilustrator,Cover Artist,Merch Artist and Graphic designer

Focused on Ilustration and Graphic design,since 2012 making ilustration and graphic design for band and Brands/Clothing in around the world
already more than 180+ projects he are working on,making Cover Album Art, Tshirt design,Logo for band and brands,Flyer,etc for clients from various countries ( International market )
he provide the service , Painting and Lineart work ( for Tshirt design,album cover art,poster,etc ) and doing logos work for band and brands
For projects or commissions CONTACT he NOW at :
or contact he via Facebook at :

This he Fanpage :

(Featured Image done by: Braininjected Artwork and Edited by:Holler Productions)


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Holler Productions is a proud sponsor of Braininjected Artwork
Braininjected Artwork became a member of the Holler Productions family on March 17, 2016
you can look for Braininjected Artwork to make an appearance in the 3rd Holler Productions promo in the works which will have joining him over 45 bands and 20 business and others.

We here at Holler Productions would like to give a huge thanks to: Braininjected Artwork, for not only the Picture they contributed to us but to all the other great works they have shared with us and have allowed us to share with all our readers, Delvador

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From all of us at Holler Productions once again thank you Braininjected Artwork


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