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Björn (Grasenstyle) from Duisburg has been doing art ever since he can remember and in his 37 year life his skills have constantly continued to grow.
Björn draws some of the darkest art out there with extreme detail, he also likes to paint nature photos and comic art. he has done numerous designs through out the years for metal and hard rock bands everything from Album Covers, Shirt Designs, Patches, Fliers and ect.. There is no limit to his imagination and creativity. He is always up for a good challenge and is open to taking on new ideas and pushing limits. You can messege him via email and if he wishes he’ll sit down and hear out your ideas and possibly take them on.
Holler Productions own Adam Russell had sat down and talked with him one on one about having him do a piece for Holler Productions in exchange for promotion which he was glad to take on the challenge, the featured image of this post was done by Björn (Grasenstyle)and came from his own creative imagination, beyond the peice that he had done for Holler he has been a huge help to Holler Productions.

Some of the diffrent things Grasenstyle does include: Graphic Design, Illustrations, Painting, Cartoons, Tattoo Templates.

Grasenstyle will be featured in the next Holler Productions Promo video (Promo 3) along with a ton of other new members of holler and some whom have been in holler for some time, so keep your eyes open for him and his works, (some in which you wont find in this post will be in the promo) if you like his art do the man a solid and head over to his facebook page and drop him a like and a share.

Grasenstyle Website 1

Grasenstyle Website 2

Grasenstyle Facebook Page

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