Art By: Joseph Brady

Art By: Joseph Brady

known for his artwork in the horror, gothic, fantasy, and science fiction genres.

He has been doing illustrations and design for rock bands, night clubs, authors, and various businesses since the 1980s. He also did scientific illustrations of fossils and prehistoric animals for the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh.

He specializes in CD and book / magazine covers.

Additionally he is the bass player and lead vocalist for the old school punk rock band

 Scanner and Losers After Midnight


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CD Covers

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Holler Productions has been a proud supporter of Joe Brady Art since August 6, 2015

Joe Brady Art was featured in this picture put together by Holler Productions showing off some of the artwork of some of the Holler families talented members.


List of all involved in photo

Badger Hawk

Orville Rex



   Blackcat Manor


Couch Tour


Toxic Thunder Chicken

Taste of Khaos Magazine

The Renfields

Joe Brady Art

Joe Brady Art was featured in yet another picture put together by Holler Productions showing off some of the talented Holler family.


List of all involved in photo

Losers after midnight

Black Hand Throne



A Hard knock Life


Sares Invasion

Holler Productions

Joe Brady Art was also featured in the very first Holler Productions promo video with 45 other bands and 16 businesses and other, his band Scanner was also featured in the promo.

After the completion of the first Holler Productions promo, there was a second promo to follow in which Joe Brady Art and his band “Losers After Midnight” were featured in.

Holler Productions would like to give Joe Brady Art a very special thank you for not only the featured piece he has done for us, but for  all the art he has aloud us to share with everyone.

very special thank you also to: Scanner and Losers After Midnight.

If you’re an artist and would like to have a gallery set up on this site like this, contact us  Here


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