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18 Days – Letters To The Lost
Barracuda – Get Movin’
Scanner – Living Life To The Emptiest
Blackcat Manor – The Fall Of Us All
IDFK – Phlebotomist
Weird Paul Rock Band – Car Wreck
The Protesters – I’m Not Crazy
False Profit – Assassins’s Bullet
Bombs Over Broadway – Violent World
Captain Catfeesh – Bacon Earnhardt
Noise – Hide Your Horns
OrViLL REX – Silvertone Jaguar
Nightly Widows – Tie Me To A Corner
Haggard Wulf – Never Bet The Devil Your Head
Adorn The Wicked – Spirit
Delvador – You Left The Ghost


Korotory – Ascending
Fog Wizard – Meat Is Murder
Black Hand Throne – God’s Rejects
Fire In Elysium – Dying Process
Three Knuckles Deep – Shadows Lurking
Hericide – Embracing Nihil
Leprosy – Molesting The Decapitated
Chiral – Queste Voci Ch’eclissano La Luce I
Methane – Spit On Your Grave
Chugger – Five Feet Down
Bent To Break – Insula_Terrible
Corners Of Sanctuary – Blood Quest
Abductum – The Proud Pariah
Boyce – News To The World
Klaymore – Burn
Kold Creature – Edge Of Gravity


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