Contest 2017 Queen Of The Holler

ATTENTION! all Ladies

Holler Productions is running a contest to see who will be the next Queen of the Holler 2017.

(Please Read All before submitting)

We are accepting Sexy, Dark Horrorish themed photos for the contest.

Submissions will start being accepted between November 20th- December 25th
a winner will be announced New Years.

The wining photo will be added to the Holler wall for all to see and will be used in certain Holler Productions material such as (video, photo creations, cd back panel design and other) and  recognized as Queen of the Holler for the year of 2017.

To maintain the privacy of our contestants , Fake names will be added to the photo of the winner if they do not wish to use their real name.

If the Winner has a band page, modeling page or other, we will give the winners band or other a free membership into Holler Productions if not already a member,  send out 3000+ invites to the page of her choice, like her page with the holler productions page and queens of the holler page  and begin sharing events and diffrent things as they are caught.

Winner of the contest has the option to be added as an editor of the Queens Of The Holler facebook page so that she may share posts and diffrent events to help further her exposure.


1. All contestants must be of ages 18 and up.

2. Photos must not have any watermarks, Signatures or any form of writing on them.

3.Those submitting Photos must own the rights to the photo and be the one in the photo.

4. Contests must submit their real name, phone number and Facebook profile when they submit their photo for identity purposes, (A call will be placed to the winning pick)

5. Photos submitted must have been taken between January 1st 2016 and December 25th 2016.

6. Contestants must give Holler Productions permission to use the photo as see fit for promotional purposes.

7. The Queen of the Holler, name and Holler Productions tags will be added to the photo (like the photo in the post), so permission must be given to Holler Productions to edit the photo this way and whatever other ways are needed.

( The name of the one that takes the photo and a link to them can be added to the wall post on the Queens Of The Holler page and the Holler Productions page).

If you are not able to be reached before the winner is picked if you are selected , another winner will be picked.

(Only Submit your photo to this email if all requirements are met)

Send your real name and for security reasons a nick name you would like used on your photo for the contest. winner has the choice of using real name or nick name .. Photos, your Phone number, a note saying you give Holler Productions Permission to use your photo and a link to your profile, and a name and/or link to whomever took the photo, to:


Holler Productions:

Queens Of The Holler

Previous Winners

Mistress Of Muck (2015)

Zombiekill (2016)

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