Featured Band April 22: The Renfields

The Renfields

Shambling from the halls of Transylvania High School comes the Renfields: A terrifying band of brothers bent on killing, re-animating and recruiting a horde of undead fans one basement at a time!

After an exhausting drive in a broken-down hearse, the brothers Renfield were shocked to discover that the America they had dreamed of visiting was much different than the place they had seen in horror films and E.C. Comics. There was no zombie plague as “Day of the Dead” had lead them to believe, Dr. Phibes was a fictional character and Ed Wood had died long before their young lives even began! Furthermore, the Renfields found their most beloved music scene in dire shape.

Transylvania, being what it is, new music releases are about 15 years behind. As a result, the Renfields find an America full of “Nu-Metal” and poppy MTV pseudo-punk rock bands. But where were their beloved punk rock heroes?

A trip to a New York cemetery would reveal the awful truth. It was there, standing at the graves of the dead Ramones that the teenage heroes decided to take a stand… Actually, it was more like a shovel! And with that shovel the brothers Renfield exhumed the corpses of the Ramones and expedited them back to the dark mountains of Transylvania.

Some quick work with a bone saw, a pair of rib spreaders and a few syringes of a life giving Reagent (not to mention a whole lot of pain and blood!) and each Renfield was given an impromptu heart transplant!

Now armed with the re-animated hearts of Rock and Roll’s fallen heroes, the Renfields will resurrect the dead music scene with the horror of Transylvanian Pogo Punk!







Please Contact David Cantrell for Booking: http://www.facebook.com/DavisMahavis or call 304-541-8629


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