Featured Band April 24: Shooting Angels

Shooting Angels

Apocalypsis is finally here, is the end of the world and humanity is condemned, angels are coming down to earth to kill us all and send us to hell. So, you load your shotgun and prepare yourself to hit the road and start some angels hunting. Before this you need to find the perfect music to join you and motivate you through the journey, fulfilling you with energy, power and “lets rip some fuckin wings” attitude, well, search no more, you just found SHOOTING ANGELS.

SHOOTING ANGELS is a Swiss hard rock/heavy metal band that perfectly combines both genres in a mighty and dynamic mixture.

Aggressive but catchy guitar riffs are perfectly grounded by powerful pounding drum beats and bass lines creating a potent and rhythmic music base that is amazingly crowned with a dominant, raspy but pretty melodic hard rocker female voice giving as a result sharp, dynamic and addictive songs.

The band combines its music with a pretty strong apocalyptic visual concept in its artwork and on stage that makes it memorable for everybody.

In brief you can describe Shooting Angels as powerful, catchy, aggressive, and specially tonz of attitude.






Band Members

Lola Van Loo – Vocals
Lee “The Kid” – Guitars
Alex “Black Cat” – Drums
Fabian – Guitars
Timo Peng – Bass

Produced by Federico Truzzi

June 2014, Switzerland, bad mother fucker drummer Alex “Black Cat” and bad ass guitarist Lee “The Kid” finished jamming some rocker tunes and went to have some drinks to a strip club. Several beers later one of the girls warned them about an important premonition: “World was coming to an end loud, fast and rude… and pretty soon…”. Normally they would have ignored this kind of pothead talk, but the girl was fuckin hot and they were fuckin drunk so they let themselves get convinced about it.

Premonition said: “One day the skies would open and the angels would start coming down to Earth to kill every human, eating them alive and releasing their souls to hell.”

So next morning in a total hangover Lee told Alex, “Next year we are going to release our first EP and I don’t want fuckin annoying angels messing around eating all the hot chicks! What are we going to do?” and Alex replied “Easy man, we will start shooting angels!” Hey! That’s a fuckin cool name for a rock band! And so “SHOOTING ANGELS” was born.

After some months of putting together some songs and training themselves in heavy weaponry they decided to start searching for a singer, but it would not be easy, should be an amazing one with a powerful, sleazy and raspy voice, a hell of an attitude and a particular passion for killing things.

After auditioning many guys an interesting option appeared in the practice place: high heels boots, ripped leggings, a bullet belt and a leather vest were modeled by a sexy blondie. The guys were not expecting a girl for this job, but she had the talent, she had the looks, she had the attitude and most important, she knew how to kick ass! So singer Lola Van Loo officially joined the team for rockin and killing fuckin angels.

Several months of heavy rehearsals, target practicing and specially tonz of beers and pot followed up till the band was ready for the mission: recording the most amazing rocker EP ever done! So Alex called his sensei and favorite producer, master of the tunes, expert with the mixer and a hell of a sniper, the famous Italian mercenary Federico Truzzi, who gladly accepted the duty. He traveled to Switzerland together with his favorite audio engineer and specialist in explosives Mr. Dino Gervasoni to produce and record the first EP of Shooting Angels, and also teach the guys some tips in long range shooting and how to blow up things!

On the 20th of February, 2015 the EP “Deal With The Devil” was released with a huge success and catching the attention of tonz of people.

It specially caught the attention from two lone rangers. One of them a great guitarist, the last guitar hero, the bright and solitary star of the project “Only a boy with his guitar”, guitarist Fabian. The other, a fuckin stallion, master of the 4 strings and a total maniac, bassist Timo Peng. Both liked the project so much that decided to join the team and finally complete the band.

So, the band was ready, EP was released, loud weapons were loaded… time to start kicking asses on stage had arrived!!

And so Apocalyptic Rock was born…

General Manager

Alex “Black Cat”


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