Featured Band Aug 18th: Nightly Widows

Nightly Widows

Evan Keel was born in Anchorage, AK to a band of outlaw Eskimos building a giant laser that they hoped would bring warmth and beach tourism to their frozen seaside town. Taken away from Alaska by missionaries, Evan spent most of his youth in Virginia playing soccer, jamming forks into light sockets, and building “American Gladiators” style obstacle courses in his back yard, and after going to Florida State University to study snack foods, Evan grew to over 2000 lbs. Today, with the weight off, Evan serves the Youth Programs department of Habitat and lives in Americus, GA, where he will run for mayor on a “Pecans are Delicious” platform and win in a landside. He hopes to someday have someone name a sandwich after him.

Nick so Schlecht, or as the scientists at Fuse Labs referred to him, “Project 13,” was born as part of a government program aimed at creating super humans that would one day live for 200 years and be able to breathe underwater. While the program was ultimately a failure, Nick escaped the cruel disfiguration of his fellow test subjects and was adopted by a tribe of half-men, half-seals in northern New York, living out a quiet existence in their complex system of caves and tunnels. That was, until recently, when in a fit of brilliance, Nick took Pi to its final digit. Astounded by his discovery, the mathematical community appointed Nick “King of Numbers,” and he toured the world writing out his theorem on chalkboards for heads of state, royalty, and the San Antonio Spurs (who prepare for playoff games by disproving undergraduate postulates). Tired of the fast paced life of a mathematics god, he recently chose to join AmeriCorps and work with Habitat for Humanity, where he works today. As you were reading this paragraph, Nick so Schlecht counted to infinity twice.




Advanced Musicanomics

Pleasure Country

Band Members
Mark Carey aka Nick So Schlecht
TJ Massie aka Evan Keel

Record Label
Brown Dog Records



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