Featured Band Dec 2nd: Kold Creature

Kold Creature

Kold Creature is a band that is dedicated to not only making your heads bounce but to making original Melodic/Groove Metal music from the core of their hearts to suit your soul.

Having been founded in 2013 by Chris Ross, who had been recording ideas for years by himself, the name Kold Creature had not stuck yet. Chris had planned to recruit a second guitarist,a bassist, drummer and vocalist, even though Chris had sung before, he wanted to only focus on complicated riffs.

After a number of trials and errors with vocalists whose styles didn’t suit, Chris decided to step up as front man and guitarist,even with the number of challenges ahead with what had been written and structured.

A second guitarist was found, Lyndon Bauer and his abilities on guitar that blew both himself and Chris away were surely his game. For a 20 year old, this was sure to be the right guy for the job.

The two members performed at an artist open day, it was their first live appearance, unbeknown to them Patrick Stevens (a bassist/drummer) was watching, thinking and after the performance Patrick approached Chris and Lyndon. Patrick said if the guys need another drummer, bassist or whatever, he’d be happy to be in the band. A few weeks passed and Patrick was instantly a dedicated member of the band, Patrick chose bass over drums.

Next thing on the agenda was to find the final member, the drummer. Several auditions were held with potential drummers, but none worked out through 2014, then the guys stumbled upon Brent Harman in November 2014. Brent had an outstanding dedication to his instrument and just fit in with the grooves instantly. This was it, the four lads were worlds apart until the day they all came together to full fill the line-up that was to be Kold Creature. From here they would take to the road and stages.

The single Edge Of Gravity was recorded at Pulpitation Studios and produced by Kold Creature. It was mixed and mastered by Chris Ross the lead singer and guitarist. The full length album A Weakened State is taking the same approach.

Their self-produced debut album, A Weakened State was released in mid September 2016, followed by an East coast tour.
Debut Filmclip for ‘EDGE OF GRAVITY’ was released in September 2016.












Melodic/Groove Metal!!!

Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Guitar 1 & Vocals – Chris Ross
Guitar 2 – Lyndon Bauer
Bass – Patrick Stevens
Drums – Brent Harman

Record Label

General Manager
Kelly Ross




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  1. Kold Creature February 24, 2017 at 6:52 am · · Reply

    Thanks for all your support we really apprentice it \m/

    • HollerPromotes February 24, 2017 at 6:51 pm · · Reply

      Is an honor,, we are proud to give our support to such an awesome band and we thank you guys also for all of your support ,,, Heres to the future, may it be Kold and Full of Creatures \m/

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