Featured Band Feb 27: Fragile Art

Fragile Art

FRAGILE ART was founded in Moscow in 2005 by vocalist Sergey Dichko and guitarist Dmitry Ponomarev.
In process of forming of the line-up, many musicians got through the band until the end of 2006, when the band had got a stable line-up.By that time Fragile Art had already an energetic concert activity in clubs in Moscow and near. The band was doing demo records, experiments with the sound,had discussions about a concept of debut album.
In June 2006 Fragile Art started record sessions at “Mindcrusher Lab” studio in Elektrostal city. All the work was done by autumn and got a title “AXIOM”. After that soon shot a video for the song “From Blind Love To Wild Hate”.
To the beginning of autumn, CD-MAXIMUM had released “AXIOM” and distributed it over Russia, Belorussia,Ukraine and Baltic.
During 2008 -2012 the band played many gigs in Russia,Ukraine and East Europe. And had a lot of invitations from concert promoters to support “great ones” bands, such as: Arch Enemy, Rage, Deadlock, Sodom, Vader, Carcass, Rotting Christ, Heaven Shall Burn, Krisiun, Suidakra and many others. This tours showed, that Fragile Art has an army of fans which are ready to follow the band in their music career.
In 2013 new changes reached the band. All the year passed in hard work for new album,сhange the line up and find a new sounding. Band’s new songs are in process of recording and mixing now. Watch out, the thing’s coming!!!






modern death metal


Band Members
Sergey “DED” Dichko – voice
Vladimir Starodvortsev – bass
Dmitry”Jim” Ponomarev – guitars

General Manager
Sergey Dichko-




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