Featured Band July 13th: Weird Paul

Weird Paul

Pittsburgh’s WEIRD PAUL PETROSKEY is one good lookin’ S.O.B.
But, more importantly, he writes the damn catchiest songs. Paul began releasing his own cassettes in the late 80’s. In 1991, Homestead Records released “Lo Fidelity, Hi Anxiety”, Paul’s cult classic CD. Since then, Paul has released many more albums of fun indie-pop, including his latest (and 28th), STILL GOING STRONG.

Weird Paul has written (or co-written) over 750 songs and appeared on over 60 albums over the last 30+ years.  But even before that, starting in 1984, he was an avid videographer.  He was making short films and homemade music videos for popular songs.  He was also filming life in his parents’ home in Bethel Park, often with comical results.  From 1984-1990, Weird Paul shot about 120 hours of video. His videos have now become popular on YouTube, where he is known as the “Original Vlogger”.  He can also be seen on the weekly local western PA TV program THE WEIRD PAUL VARIETY SHOW.








Official Music Videos Playlist

Weird Paul Classics

VLOGS by the original Vlogger

Q&A Videos and Room Tour!

How To Videos by Weird Paul

Pittsburgh, PA
Band Members
Weird Paul Petroskey – guitar, vocals
Ben Blanchard – keytard
Jon Dowling – drums
Pam Hanlin – bass
Record Label
Thick Syrup Records
Press Contact
Booking Agent
I am currently searching for a booking agent!! Please contact me if interested.



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