Featured Band July 25th: Haggard Wulf

Haggard Wulf

are a 2-piece band from Morgantown, WV, who bring together a mixture of blues, rockabilly andgood old fashioned rock n’ roll with punk attitude. Their sound and style is diverse, bringing a very “full” sound to the table. They have a very strong DIY ethic, much like the punk bands of the later 70’s and early 80’s. Their first full length studio release “Those Who Cried Wulf…” is played regularly on locally as well as various college radio stations throughout the US. The latest release “Mourningside” was released by indie label Dead Delta Records and pays homage to the Phantasm horror movie series. A split 7″ was also released on Dead Delta Records, as well as another one soon to follow in 2016.

Haggard Wulf were a featured act for Breakthru Radio’s Spotlight on the City show and were also involved with a Daniel Johnston art exhibit (covering Daniel Johnston songs) in conjunction with Blast Gallery in Teaneck, NJ. They have a featured song on the latest Punk Aid 4: Autism Breaking the Silence. Other interviews and performances include Pop Vulture Magazine, WV Living, The Morgantown Sound, The WV Filmmakers Festival and much more.

They have open for many national touring acts such as The Reverend Horton Heat, The Misfits, Deniz Tek, Joe Buck, The Murder Junkies, and Dax Riggs, as well as smaller regional acts like Shivering Timbers, The Living Deads, The Jam Messengers, and others. With over 200 shows under their belt and a successful East Coast Tour (The Beast Coast Tour) in the fall of 2013, they just keep doing their thing! All of this may (or may not) look good on paper, but it’s best to Get Haggard… “Nuff Said!!!










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Morgantown, WV

Band Members
Leeroy Jenkins: Drums, Voice, Funny Stuff
Frank Gunner: Guitar, Other Voice, Man’s Ruin

Record Label
Dead Delta Records // ‘Nuff Said Records // Wild Raft Records

General Manager
Chris Shuttlesworth

Email: haggardwulf@yahoo.com


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