Featured Band July 29th: Our Dying Day

Our Dying Day

is a hard hitting Metal band hailing from the desolate far reaches of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. We create music that is brutally honest, born of the fortitude and strength it takes to live in such isolation. Our smooth and dynamic musical transitions and melodies will have you on your feet, make you want to jump, and inspire you to raise your fist in the air all while singing along to memorable lyrics that will be stuck in your head for a lifetime. As a band, we are no slouches. We provide and intense and intimidating stage presence coupled with enthusiasm and high energy to really amp up the crowd. We have played on the big stage opening for such acts as Mushroomhead, Bobaflex, Shadows Fall, Poison the Well, Bury Your Dead, Primer 55, and Allele in venues all across the Upper Midwest. From the politically charged thriller “Don Your Mask” to the agony of loss and sorrow that is “Screaming in the Dark,” we deliver a variety of lyrical emotion and musical composition that would make Beethoven stand in his grave and throw up the horns. Our Dying Day takes you on a literal roller coaster of highs and lows, keeping the audience transfixed as well as engaged. Musical influences include the aforementioned as well as Tool, Bless the Fall, Korn, Fear Factory, After the Burial and so many of our other brothers in Metal. Now that we have your attention, brace yourself, buckle up and get ready for Our Dying Day.





Upper Michigan
Band Members
( Tom Sundquist Jr. – Vocals )
( Rory Wills – Guitar )
( JEr Weiger – Drums )
( Josh Beaver – Bass / Backing Vocals )
( Chris Shelafoe – Guitar / Backing Vocals )

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