Featured Band July 8th: Leprosy


Imagine if you would…
Horror,BLOOD & Gore, SPLATTERED!!!
With a heaping serving of The Mastery Of True Metal BRUTALITY all crammed into a meatgrinder and served with a smile \M/
THIS IS LEPROSY! LEPROSY is a Death / Splattergore Metal group that was exumed in 1988. LEPROSY has performed with many local and national acts. Bands
included but not limited to: Napalm Death, Cannibal Corpse, Malevolent Creation, Forbidden, Entombed and many more. LEPROSY members are from in and around the Steel City of Pittsburgh, PA.

LEPROSY has a wide range of musical backgrounds, Ranging from jazz to Death Metal. This broad spectrum of musical influences enables LEPROSY to have an edge on the competition. With the combination of powerful chord progressions, shredding solos, in your face vocal destruction, cannon like drums & surgical-like bass precision. LEPROSY gets their original and necro-energizing sound. Categorizing LEPROSY music is no easy task, but could be possibly compared to Death and Cannibal Corpse

From genesis to present, LEPROSY has grown musically & theatrically as a whole. Incorporating more musical complexity and feeling with each new decomposition. With each performance, LEPROSYs fan base has grown considerably; proving that LEPROSY is real and here to stay. LEPROSYs live on stage performance, has an energy that draws the crowd into the world of pop-deconstruction. Inviting fans & bands alike to take part in the debauchery. LEPROSY caters to even the most particular critics.

LEPROSY as a whole, works together as a freshly embalmed machine. This is due to mutual short and long term goals. LEPROSY are very optimistic and excited for the future and will continue to strive for musical excellence and notoriety both locally and nationally..

And to prove once and for all…. gore is god!








Bigcartel (Merchandise)


SplatterGore/Death Metal


Band Members
Corpse God: Meat Grinder
Jas: Bass, Entrail Facilitator
PJ Colligan: Gutterals
Jeff Kula – Guitar
DMD – Drums

Record Label

General Manager
Chris Pawlowski

Holler Productions has been a proud sponsor of Leprosy since August 6, 2015.

Leprosy  took place in the very first Holler Productions promo video and also had a video of their song “Butchering The Human Carass” put together for the Holler Productions youtube page.







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