Featured Band June 24: Mortal Strike

Mortal Strike

formed in Autumn 2009 in the great city of Vienna,Austria. The 5 boys with the different countries of origin only had one goal: To make the music that they all loved.
Within a short time they started making a name for themselves in the Vienna Metalscene, as an innovative and highly live-fit combo. Their style has many influences of the oldschool thrash bands Sodom and Kreator, and even fast speed influences of bands like Stormwarrior.
But also old school heavy metal influences occasionally find their way into the music of Mortal Strike. This is particularly easy to spot in their Anthem to the Heavy Metal scene “Es geht Rund”. Aggressive and spot on since the beginning, even the austrian police couldn’t change anything about that when they stopped one of the bands first live shows because of the loudness.

Their demo “Here comes the Tank” came out on 16th of April 2011, recorded in the rehearsal room and made by good old fashioned manual labour, mixed and mastered by the band itself.
It then came as it had to: known for the energetic live performances, the next big concerts followed, for example as Headliner on the “Napalm Only” show, opening act for “Malevolent Creation” and the “Bömbers”. Always with superb fansupport!
Ultimately they won the W:O:A Metal Battle Austria and the 5 guys (Themselves being year-long Wacken veterans) had their chance to play on the biggest metal festival in the world and to impress the international Metal world which has helped in shaping the Band.

By winning the “W:O:A Metal Battle Austria 2011” and performing at the worlds greatest Metal Festival: “WACKEN OPEN AIR”, the band gained a high profile. Liveshows with giants of the scene like Warbringer, Darkness, Tankard and Destruction followed, as well as festivalslots at the “Black & Thrash Inferno” or the “Kaltenback Open Air” did, which were nescessary for the experience, the improvement of the sound and last but not least to define the own crowd. From Austria to the Rhein-Main Region, from the Ruhrpott to Finland…the lime green tank was rolling and gathered the metalheads.

Famous beyond the borders of Vienna, the long-awaited album followed in fall 2014.

After a very successful session in the studio 2014, the thrash-command MORTAL STRIKE is back. Furious and aggressive like ever before, the five destroyers finally banned their tanksound on their debut-album. The title is law and, unsurprisingly, FOR THE LOUD AND THE AGGRESSIVE. With this disc in their bag, the five will attack the stages of the world even more tremendous with titles like “MG 42” or “Strike !!!”.





Thrash Metal!


Band Members
Matthias (Gesang)
Chrir (Gitarre)
Etzi aus Ottakring (Gitarre)
Max (Schlagzeug)
Domi (Bass)

Record Label





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