Featured Band June 26th: Ashen Horde

Ashen Horde

Dripping with all of the glitz, glamour, filth and flagrance of the Sunset Strip, Ashen Horde is a progressive death/black metal band that embraces the dark, vile underbelly of Hollywood, while shunning the commercialism for which it is most known.
Formed by guitarist/songwriter Trevor Portz in 2013, Ashen Horde celebrates the darker side of metal in all its grim glory. Inspired by the whole of extreme metal, from black and death metal to grindcore and prog, Ashen Horde aims to create extreme metal that doesn’t fit into any one genre. It’s technical and crushing, yet at times darkly melodic.

Promo-pic-2016Initially existing as a one-man band, 2016 saw the addition of vocalist Stevie Boiser (Dissonance in Design, TETHYS, Equipoise, ex-Vale of Pnath). “Stevie adds a whole new level of intensity to Ashen Horde,” notes Portz. “I was never fully satisfied with my own vocals, and am thus happy to hand them over to someone with insane abilities.”

Nine Plagues, the sophomore full-length, was released in December of 2015 to rave reviews. It is a concept album relaying the tale an isolated village that is savagely attacked by bloodthirsty invaders. The inhabitants are forced to take refuge in an unforgiving landscape, with tragedy crushing them at every turn. Each song details a different “plague” that befalls the refugees as they struggle to survive. The music is as grim and unforgiving as the story it carries.

Nine Plagues is available wherever digital music
is sold, as well as on limited-edition cd
(including an exclusive bonus track).
A double vinyl edition will also be available later this summer,
having been successfully funded on Kickstarter.

Who needs streets paved with gold, when they’re already so perfectly black?

Praise for Nine Plagues

“The Ultimate Modern Death
Metal Experience” –
Transcending Obscurity

“…[the] mastery of how this is all put together is second to none…
If we the underground can get this into the right hands
Ashen Horde will be a major force
in the extreme metal world for years to come.” –

Absolute Zero Magazine

“…you can not defend against this pounding
amalgam of death/black-contaminated
belligerence and crazy
progressive thrash,

that recalls the works of genius Devin Townsend.” –
IYE Zine

“The nine “plagues”
contained on the album are
well written, tightly structured songs
that walk a tightrope of varying
musical styles and obvious influences.” –
Metal Nexus








Ab Initio (EP- 2013)
Sanguinum Vindicta (LP- 2014)
Obcisus (EP- 2014)
Echthros (7”- 2015)
Feral (EP- 2015)
Nine Plagues (LP- 2015)

Progressive black metal

Hollywood, CA

Band Members
Trevor Portz- all instruments

Record Label
Mandol Records

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