Featured Band Feb 24th: Pulvis Et Umbra

Pulvis Et Umbra

are an Italian death/thrash metal band formed in late 2002 after disbanding of death metal act PHONEUTRIA. After some line-up changes the band recorded own first EP “Qui Valet Hic Mundus, Quid Gloria, Quidve Triumphus Post Miserum Fonus” during 2006.
Less than one year later Pulvis Et Umbra recorded a second EP title “Pure Longobard Noize”; thanks to a new line up the band toured from 2008 up to 2010 during all northern Italy, Slovakia, Austria and Switzerland sharing the stage with band like Blood Tsunami (nor), Suburban Terrorist (sk), Chemotherapy (sk), Cadaveric Crematorium (ita), Septycal Gorge (ita) and many more

Pulvis et Umbra started the recording session of the first full length “Reaching The End” during 2011; the album – originally distributed by Rising Records / Plastichead – was then distribute by ABWESEND Records / GORDEON Music and scored good reviews on Gryphonmetal (ch), Skullbanger (fin) , Possessed (de), Eraskor (ita), Interstella magazine (ita), Alone music (ita) Noizz webzine (spain) , Tempi Dispari (ita) plus other ones

The band turned into a one man stand metal project in may 2013 when founder member / guitarist Damy Mojitodka started to work on new songs. He started to record the new full length “Implosion Of Pain” close to the end of 2013 and the album was done in may 2014.
Thanks to the release of official clip for “Implosion Of Pain” (streamed on channels such as BLANK Tv, MUZU Tv, SNACK Tv -de-, VIDEO STREAMING ORANGE -fr-, PANDORA tv -japan-, Best Video YOUTUBE, IN THE FAME, OVGuide -california- , INDIA Today , VIMEO, Army Of One TV, VEVO Clips, Yahoo music etc …) Pulvis Et Umbra was feat. as “band of the day/month” on LOUD N LOADED promotion (us), INTERSTELLA Magazine (ita) and THE MOSHVILLE Times (uk)

“On march 2015 Damy engaged 3 session musician to embark in a headlining Russian tour of 8 shows which include also Moskow and St. Peterbsurg; two months later the band openend switerland and germany shows for swesidh groove metallers CHUGGER; close to the end of the year PULVIS ET UMBRA performed two headlinig shows in Spain then on march 2016 the band landed in South Africa to perform as opening act for polish death/black metallesr BEHEMOTH.
On april 2016 PULVIS ET UMBRA embarked in a headlining Japan tour scheduled in Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya and Tokyo. Damy’s actually recording new album “Atmosfear” in his home studio.”









Bigcartel (Get New EP “Atmosphere” here)


Death Metal / Thrash Metal

Cremona – Italy

Band Members
Damy – vocals /
Mirko – guitars (session m.) /
Giulio – guitars (session m.) /
Riccardo – drums (session m.)

Record Label
Holler Productions- Red Rivet Records

General Manager





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