Featured Band March 16: Arkentype


is a prog metal band from the southern parts of Norway. With their strong debutalbum «Disorientated» the band has gotten excellent reviews both in Norway and internationally. The band spent the last year by playing quite a handful of club-concerts, among those a support gig with swedish Dead By April. On top of that the band got booked to Norwegian festivals such as 1001 Watt, Southern Discomfort and Armageddon. The summer of 2016 the band did a very successful tour all over Europe, as support for the well known british prog-band Haken. The band has been praised for their unique sound by press from all over Europe and by people such as Matt Halpern from Periphery.

«This is a gang with talented guys ready for world domination. One should have pretty big balls to think that these guys doesn’t have anything to bring to the table».-

Yngve Moum Jacobsen, heavymetal.no

Arkentype consists of four ambitious musicians playing with elements from the symphonic and electronic genre in an exciting and modern sound. The band was founded the winter of 2015 and released quickly thereafter their solid debut album «Disorientated» through the norwegian record label Crime Records. The album is mixed and mastered by Daniel Bergstrand and George Neratzis from Dug Out Productions, famous for working with bands such as Meshuggah, In Flames and Dimmu Borgir. Since then the band has produced two music videos on their own as well as a bunch of promo videos. Arkentype has been active building up their growing fan base through close communication with their fans on social media and an explosive live-show.






Progressive Metal
Kristiansand/Skien, Norway

Kevin Augestad – Vocals

Kjetil Hallaråker – Bass

Simen Handeland – Guitar

Simen Sandnes – Drums

Record Label
Crime Records

Arkentype shows(1)


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