Featured Band March 21: Abductum


Spanish metal band Abductum has founded by guitarist Noël Puente. It all started in the end of 2010 with the help of two
friends and great musicians Kiski and Mario Jiménez from others old common local bands. The band is coming up with some impressive material, their music is built upon old influences of the most pure thrash-heavy metal sounds. Lyrics contemplated universal themes of arcane mysteries, extraterrestrial, ecology, etc. After live show debut and club gigs (playing with others known well bands like brazilians VIOLATOR, croatians WAR-HEAD and others renowned Spanish bands too) the band entered Granada MusicProject Studio in summer of 2012 to record their first autoedited full-length “The Unrevealed Truth” released on 2013. Cover artwork created by his guitarist Noël Puente.

Recently Abductum appear on both True Metal Compilations “Doorway to the Unknown” and “Another Cup of Evil” with many great bands from all over the world.



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