Featured Band March 29th: Post Mortal Possession

Post Mortal Possession

is a death metal band hailing from Pittsburgh, PA. Formed in 2013, its members consist of Brian Cremeens (guitar), Jake “Sewage” McMullen (guitar), Tim Church (bass), and Nick Bentzel (drums), all of which originated from the Pittsburgh metal scene, playing in countless former local projects. Post Mortal Possession combines the influencing sounds of Necrophagist, Deicide, Decapitated, Gorgasm, Dimmu Borgir, amongst others, taking from a broader range to create a sound not fixated in one specific niche, which the band has successfully accomplished. They have played shows and shared the stage with Vital Remains, Deicide, Rivers of Nihil, Incantation, Black Crown Initiate, Iniquitous Deeds, Defeated Sanity, Vale of Pnath, Kamikabe, and in addition the best and most respected among the Pittsburgh and surrounding area’s local bands.

The band started playing shows in early 2014 and has quickly gained recognition amongst its peers, local and surrounding state promoters, radio stations, fellow bands, social media and fans of extreme music worldwide. In late 2014 they recorded their first EP “Possessing Entity”, a 5 track introduction to the impressive sound this band is capable of creating, with Shane Mayer of Cerebral Studios. This recording received much praise from critics and fans for its proficient attack of the death metal onslaught expected from the genre. The band went on to shoot playthrough videos (Suspended by Nails, The Harvest), and a live shot video (Visceral Butchery) with Shane also. The band went on to future touring and promoting while Jake Sewage started the now popular and continually growing “Scenes of Brutality” compilation CD, a well thought-out way of bands promoting each others’ bands. These compilations come in volumes, each volume containing local acts from the surrounding northeast area of the U.S. Expect to see Volume III in 2017. Drummer Nick Bentzel has also furthered his artistic endeavors through starting a private lesson studio at Backstage Guitars in Pittsburgh, and has a healthy relationship with sickdrummer.com, featuring drum lesson videos and also playthrough cover videos that will be available 2016.

Post Mortal Possession most recently released their second EP “Forest of the Damned”, a six track CD with an even more brutal and technical storm of vicious yet precise musical incision attacking all of your senses. Fans can expect a continuation of what Post Mortal Possession chooses to represent: hard working musicians creating the best music they can. They will continue to tour the northeast region of the States as they continue to leave their mark on the death metal underground. Be on the lookout for new live shot videos and playthrough videos featuring songs from the new EP.




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