Featured Band May 3rd: Virulent Depravity

Virulent Depravity

was created in order to serve a very specific purpose. Songwriter Colin Butler envisioned a sound that took the accessibility of straight tech-death, made it more evil and nasty, and then added some serious original flavor to it. The sound is defined by relentless riffs with both chromatic and scalar leanings, highly creative solos that borrow from jazz and classical, insanely fast and technical drumming, and heavy but highly understandable vocals acting as a conductor to the out of control train.

The result is a very original group which draws strengths from genre-leading bands such as Necrophagist, Obscura, Spawn of Possession, Origin, Severed Savior, and Deeds of Flesh, without sacrificing any of its own very identifiable flair.

Virulent Depravity is currently recording their debut LP, “Fruit of The Poisoned Tree”, which will be released in late 2016 through The Artisan Era Recordings.





Colin Butler – Guitar/Bass/Vocals/Songwriting Session members on Fruit of the Poisoned Tree: Malcolm Pugh – Guitar Kevin Paradis – Drums

Record Label: TheArtisanEra

Email: virulentdepravity@gmail.com


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