Featured Band Oct 10th: Zombie Hate Brigade

Zombie Hate Brigade

Zombie hate brigade releases

2005 – Self released studio demo. Never officially released.
2007 – Nightmare EP. Getupandkillmusic
2008 – Full length CD. Getupandkillmusic. Re-released in Germany by apthic view productions
2008 – Brutal Death Metal Community Grindcore Compilation Volume 3. V/A BDC records
2008 – BDMC Grindcore Compilation – vol.3 V/A[2 CD] (2008)
2008 – Carrying the deadly blast comp(volume 3 & 4, 2 disc comp) V/A deadknife records
2009 – We all die volume 13. V/A Elephant knuckle/tornflesh records
2009 – Full length CD (re-release of 2008 CD). Inclides all new artwork, lyrics, 2 bonus tracks and the video for I wanna put my junk in Stacy. Crash Music
2009 – Hideous beyond belief with the craving for human flesh EP. Getupandkillmusic
2010 – Dissertation of a Dissection – Chapter One. V/A Elephant knuckle records
2010 – A Grueling experience of carnage and cruelty. Getupandkillmusic
2010 – Small doses. 99 band compilation. V/A Mortville music
2011 – A Grueling experience of carnage and cruelty. RE-RELEASE. Desecration records
2011 – Zombie Grinder Compilation. TFR314 – V/A Torn Flesh records. (download here. http://www.archive.org/details/TFR314-VA-ZombieGrinderCompilation)
2012 – Shocking tales of the absurd and unusual.
2014 – Ungovernable Resistance Philippines/Syria Compilation Volume 3 (UG Metal/Punk/HC. http://ungovernableresistancediyradio.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/ungovernable-resistance_45.html_)
2014 – Undead Exploitation
2015 – Stomping Guts comp, Volume # 1

I wanna put my junk in Stacy 2009 (pro shot)
They call me Melvin 2009
Both can be seen at myspace.com/zombiehatebrigade or you tube.
A limited dvd was also distributed as a second disc in conjunction with their last EP ” A Grueling experience of carnage and cruelty”. These were made in limited quantity.The EP has since been re-released on DESECRATION records.

Death Metal / Grindcore
Littleton, Colorado
Band Members

Nic – Guitar, Vokills, Cigs, shag weed, minor drunken insults

Chris – Vokills, arm chair QB, Coffee brewer, semi-profesional wrestler

Dennis- Drums, tweeds, occasional hikes in the garden, and master chef

Tony – Bass, vapor hits and master fisherman

Record Label
Crash Music / Apathic View / Getupandkill Music

2010 Westword music showcase winner of best death metal grindcore band. (http://blogs.westword.com/backbeat/2010/07/2010_westword_music_showcase_a.php)

General Manager
Pito petersen

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