Featured Band Oct 14th: Chugger


In the 1990′s there was an event that changed the metal scene forever.

Sweden’s harsh climate and technological progress along with the blistering west coast weather forged what later became known as the Gothenburg Sound, with artists like In Flames, At The Gates and Dark Tranquillity. It should come as no surprise that this would eventually also become the breeding ground that spawned Chugger.
Chugger is a five piece metal machine that builds upon the foundation of the Gothenburg metal, takes the groove from the American south and the sinister setting of the darkest regions of the human mind and stranglehold them in an uncompromising vice. The result is neither just groove or thrash, but rather its own monster – a head-on, full metal avalanche that stops for nothing.

The initial idea had surfaced in 2006 by guitarist Robert Bjärmyr, but time didn’t allow for the birth of such a beast just yet and the vision remained, lingering in the dark and relentlessly waiting. Growing.
With a mind of its own that could not be ignored or postponed any longer, the roaring freight train was ultimately put in motion by the end of 2012. Robert then spent a few months writing down his insanity while searching for equally deranged and skilled musicians to share his Dante-like vision, and with members hailing from the progressive and melodic death metal, Chugger was born.
To vent the fury that had been contained until then a single song was recorded in early 2013. A song called Bleed.
Equally crude, unpolished and raw, it forced a rift in the metal community allowing for a new breed of the Gothenburg Sound to come alive.

Seeking to unleash the deranged mind of Chugger, they locked themselves up during the autumn of 2013 and begun the recording of an yet untitled album. The recording took place part in Gothenburg and part in Norrköping at the legendary Endarker Studio Sweden. Five brutal songs were born and conceived during the following couple of weeks and became the album appropriately titled Scars.
With the asylum doors wide open, the twisted can only go forward. Onwards. Exposing the dark and violent nature of humanity.

We are the voice of the voiceless.
We do not fear what lies beneath.
We are Chugger.












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Chugger Took Part in The Very First Holler Productions Promo Video with 45 other bands and 16 businesses taking part in The Holler.

Groove Death Metal
You will know our names.
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Rambo Music/GAIN Music Entertainment/Sony Music
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Death Groove Productions
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