Featured Band Oct 24: Hericide


(meaning the killing of lords &/ or masters) founded in late 2011 started as a varied sub-genre (thrash, death metal, black metal, doom/sludge, progressive, nwobhm) infused styled metal band, hailing from Morgantown, WV.

Comprised of band members w/ varying musical backgrounds w/ the lineup consisting of Tim Buckman (Permed Merkin, ex-Menoetius, ex-Pumpin’ Ethyl) on rhythm guitar, Tristan McQuain (Permed Merkin, ex-Marauder, ex-Random Hand) on drums, Brandon Lasure (ex-Menoetius, ex-Pumpin’ Ethyl) on lead guitar, Jordan Heston (Neuro Cultus, Mary’s Abortion, ex-Descension Of The Crown) on vocals, & Nate Shahan (ex-High Fives and Hell Yeahs, ex-The Flying Hellfish) on bass; the band produced a rough demo featuring the songs “Human Disease” & “Red, White & Used” that was released in April 2012 & shortly after began playing live shows by July of the same year.

The band continued honing their craft through frequent live performances all while finding their aural niche. Progressing by means of creating newer material which has forged their current sound, a mélange of uncompromising overtly blackened, death thrash while still retaining a tinge of multi faceted elements from several metal subgenres.

By April 2013 the band began self producing what will become their debut full length LP “Stone The Oppressors” until halted in September 2013 by circumstances beyond their control.
Shortly thereafter in October the band was setback by the departure of their bassist/joint songwriter, Nate Shahan.

In March 2014 after several shows without a bassist; Hericide was joined by John Lang (False Profit, ex-JC and the Latter Day Taints) as their new bassist & joint songwriter. Oddly enough John was initially slated to be the band’s original bassist upon it’s inception.

Newly reinvigorated this lineup seen some of the band’s bigger shows up to that point. Garnering opening slots for a diverse range of national record label supported touring bands, such as; Abigail Williams, Eyehategod, Ringworm, Enabler, Sworn Enemy, Skeletonwitch & (a pre-label supported) Brimstone Coven.

On June 27th 2014 Hericide had their 6 song, half an hour set recorded through the soundboard at 123 Pleasant St. (Morgantown, WV) that they later released on July 18th 2014 as “They’re Live” (live demo), along w/ a 3 song sampler of “Excommunicate”, “Sabbat for the Unbridled Heretic”, & “Embracing Nihil” which will all appear on their debut full length LP “Stone The Oppressors” mixed & mastered by Terry Smith (Audio Schmaudio Studios, ex-3 Hole Face, I Am The Liquor).

The band continued staying busy by resuming recording for their debut full length LP “Stone The Oppressors” when time permitted, as well as through live performances but hit a HUGE bump in the road.

On October 31st 2014 Brandon Lasure quits the band at a “word of mouth” house party. The band did not play.

Shortly after in December 2014 John Lang leaves the band to help revive his previous band False Profit.

With Hericide in limbo, the album again halted & potentially never to be released. The remaining band members considered pulling the plug & disbanding.

After some deliberating it was decided they’d work on finishing the album regardless & try out new guitarists… & if it worked they’d forge ahead .. if not they’d disband & posthumously release the album in some form.

Enter guitar prodigy; Cyle Boggs who began rehearsing w/ the band after a potential lead guitarist before him gave up on learning the material.

Cyle was declared the band’s new lead guitarist by February 2015 & the band wasted no time playing shows again (but as a 4 piece sans a bass player).

In August 2015 Tim McCollum (ex-The Kafka Machine) is announced as the band’s new bassist to complete the lineup.

Gear We use:

ESP and Ibanez guitars, Fender bass

Randall, Carvin, and Trace Elliot amps

Tama drums

Reputable National Touring/Established Bands we have played in support of:

Suffocation, Venom Inc., Necrophagia, Overkill, Voivod, T.O.M.B., Skeletonwitch, Eyehategod, Abigail Williams, Ringworm, Enabler, Old Wounds, Nightfire, Sapremia, Rose Funeral, Sworn Enemy, Vital Remains, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Kataklysm, Vektor, Eight Bells, Kill Devil Hill, Texas Hippie Coalition, Brimstone Coven, Bonded By Blood, Hatchet, Soilwork, Jeff Loomis, The Wretched, Blackguard, Shai Hulud, Vermithrax & Dethlehem.


Bandcamp (Music)

Bandcamp (Merch)



Blackened Death Thrash
Morgantown, WV
Tim Buckman – guitar
Tristan McQuain – drums
Jordan Heston – vocals
Cyle Boggs – lead guitar
Tim McCollum – bass
(former) Nate Shahan – bass (2011-2013)
(former) Brandon Lasure – lead guitar (2011-2014)
(former) John Lang – bass (2014-2014)
Satan, Metal, Whiskey & Women

Awarded 1913 Prestigious “Most Likely to Offend” award.

Awarded 2011 “Most Unique Smell” medal.


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