Featured Band Oct 6th: Kerangkenk


Precisely in early 1993 july, the four of us, the word on the bass, the guitar left-handed Rizal, andi on drums, the guitar left-handed willy committed to forming an homage to grindcore metal band which was then housed in the paralyzed, the eastern harbor of Jakarta jakarta band called KERANGKENK, where in the willy and rizal personnel are 2 people left-handed guitar player, and rizal as death growl vocals, we played a few events more particularly in the area of Jakarta, after a time even with good intentions rizal quit the band KERANGKENK and formed a new band. With the release of Rizal KERANGKENK three of us agree to change the concept of music being Grindcore DEATH METAL with a rendition of From Within Suffocation like Pierce, Habitual Infamy, Jesus wept, infecting the Crypt, and Breeding The Spawn, because the word willy think if the band brought KERANGKENK The band’s song we will be able to give yourself the adrenaline masses who see it, Andi who at the time was the drum position assert has not been able to bring songs Suffocation and respectfully resign from KERANGKENK. Personnel KERANGKENK Willy finally live guitar and bass words, to prevent the band from the vacuum end and the word willy hanging out with my friends in the band Grausig bertepat SKIP Jatinegara, East Jakarta, particularly with DENI, JAMES, and RIKI, Willy and the Word was with DENI GAUSIG and JAMES Grausig session had come to help KERANGKENK Suffocation rendition of the song to play at some EVENT underground,
Word handed KERANGKENK name to Willy to continue Activities KERANGENK finally in the first half of 2008 Willy makes tone on tone to make the song. and during the mid-2008 until early 2009 Willy managed to make an album with at manager DIAH KERANGKENK Dewita contains 8 songs in the studio DR.MIX Rawamangun in East Jakarta. WILLY VOWELS try to fill in every song because it had not previously been vocal in each event undergroud, where charging Rythem GUITAR, LEADN GUITAR, BASS, DRUM was done by WILLY. After a year of recording process in collaboration with EDO, and RICKY DR. MIX in the process of tracking, editing, mixing and mastering, KERANGKENK finally managed to make the first album which was completed in 2010. With the success of Willy made the album for KERANGKENK, start to look for players who have the same mission and vision, precisely in
The year 2012 in the month of NOVEMBER Willy in a meeting with Chaqim Apoy Drum and Bass Joely, and Willy remained on the guitar left-handed with the expected death growl. This is the last KERANGKENK formation because the three of us had the same vision and mission.







Band Members

WILLY: Guitar Growl vocal
Dedy : lead Bass
APOY : Drum

Record Label
Rantai Production
The Best MetalBand in 1997 Jakarta Indonesia
EP filled 4 songs in 1997
joining in hundred Compilations since 1994-2014 around the world
General Manager
Diah Dewita



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