Featured Band Sep 5th: Toxic Shock

Toxic Shock

blasted back onto the scene in March 2014 with a sold out show at Even Flow in NY. They followed that up with another packed house show with Adrenaline Mob at Revolution, NY. After the success of those two shows the guys decided to spend some time in the studio and get some updated material out there.
Offers started coming to play in other cities around the country and to tour with some big name acts. The guys were forced to make some tough decisions…
A lot of time had passed since the group last toured together and it wasn’t possible for everyone to commit to the offers that were being presented.
The decision was made to press on and take the band to the next level but some changes were going to need to be made.
Original singer Ray Bell and original guitarist Bruce Ryder would remain with the band while the rest continued with their current projects and careers.
After nearly a year of auditions, and some very interesting people, the band found them selves located in Florida with a fresh attitude and two new members.
Vance west joined the band in June 2015. He sent in a video audition.
Ray and Bruce reviewed the video with other members of the bands management team. The decision was made before they even met Vance… Toxic Shock had found their new drummer.
Vance recently played with local Tampa band ‘Autumn’s Pain’, most notably opening up for prog rock giants ‘Kamelot’. During the 80’s he was the drummer for ‘Cyrus’, a progressive rock band founded with his brother Lonnie West. Over they years he’s played with former members of ‘DIO’, ‘Great White’ and has been exposed to a variety of playing environments.
A few weeks into rehearsals Vance suggested some one he had played with before to fill in on bass. Enter Mark Denman.
Mark has been playing for 32 years and is well versed in many styles. He is pleased to be a part of the Toxic Shock camp, and is looking forward to imparting his style into the band’s old school approach. This brings an interesting slant to the powerful thrash of Toxic Shock.
Mark and Vance have worked together in a couple other bands over the past few years. This interplay has allowed them to fall into the music rather quickly as they already know how the other approaches a part.
Toxic Shock is currently getting ready for a series of shows on the east coast.

Heavy Metal/Thrash
Orlando, FL
Band Members
Ray Bell
Bruce Ryder
Chris Fanning (Huggie)
Chris Straub (MEAT)
Record Label
Little Monster

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