Holler Productions welcomes ‘Pro Death Rally’


Southern West Virginia Ultra Right Wing Conservative Christian Rape Rock Quartetto. Formed on June 6th 2006. 2016 line up is as follows…Lenny-Bass/Lead Vocals- Lenny is a Detroit native living in Sissonville, WV. BW-Lead Guitar/Lead/Back up Vocals- BW lives in Pinch, WV. Matt-Rythm Guitar/Back up Vocals- Matt is the newest/youngest member. He is a Glasgow, WV punk. Ben-Original founding Drummer/Back up Vocals- Ben lives in South Charleston, WV. He is retarded. The cruciFIXion of jesus christ was so extraordinarily awesome. jesus christ died because of SIN ya’ll. jesus christ’s shed blood has not only made possible the purging of all SINS up to that moment of cruciFIXion,but also the pursing of all SINS that are truly repented of for all time. SIN…make it a priority. PRO-DEATH RALLY.



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