New Member of Holler Productions: Wicked Love & Black Hearts

Wicked Love & Black Hearts

CHECK OUT & LIKE WICKED LOVE & BLACK HEARTS MY INTERVIEWS THERE music is my drug use to run romulus x records fan site years ago on myspace and do band interviews online that use to go on my blogs on myspace called wicked love & black hearts also art and music is my passion RUles on my page no you can’t have nudes don’t even ask if your nasty or rude your ASS WILL BE REPORTED & BLOCKED ok so guys & dolls be nice Violet Aka LuNaVoLaRe and if you don’t have a pic up don’t send a add this page if for MUSIC LOVERS BANDS, DJS, ARTISTS & SO ON NO BULLSHIT THANKS Violet stars AKA LuNaVoLaRe Music FEEDS THE SOUL



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