Video Playlist Collection 2 Added to The Vault

Collection 2- (Beyond The Wake)

the second video playlist has been added to the Vault featuring the last 12 bands to be featured on the Holler Productions website in the order in which they were featured.
The playlist is a combination of diffrent forms of Metal and Rock, you will also find here the First video Playlist composed of the first 12 bands to be featured on the Holler Productions site, composed of a mixture of diffrent forms of Metal/Rock/Thrash and Punk.
If you like what you hear click on the names provided in this post or the names in the playlists themselves and they will take you to the artists facebook page, give’m a like and a share and lets show these great artists how much we support and appreciate them.

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Collection 2- (Beyond The Wake)

  1. Advent/Ascended
  2. Equipoise
  3. Virulent Depravity
  4. Bleak Flesh
  5. Asphodelia
  6. Mezzy Mezzner
  7. Cult Of Lilith
  8. Ashley Bean
  9. Six Gun Sister
  10. Znafelriff
  11. Corners Of Sanctuary
  12. AngelSeed

Collection 1- (The Arrival)

  1. Arkentype
  2. Licantropia
  3. Dead Colony
  4. Nevalra
  5. Abductum
  6. Scanner
  7. A Course Of Action
  8. Post Mortal Possession
  9. Untold Salem
  10. The Renfields
  11. Mortician
  12. Shooting Angels

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