Weird Paul Show (Live @ Coffee Buddah) August 6th 2016 (Video Playlist)

Weird Paul Petroskey (Live)

Well to begin i must say the rumors where true, Weird Paul Petroskey is one good looking SOB.
August 6th 2016 Weird Paul played a live show at the Coffee Buddah in Pittsburgh PA.

If you Missed it Heres your chance to see it!
Video Recorded by Iris Bailey

Adam Russell and Iris Bailey of Holler Productions drove from French Creek, West Virginia to Morgantown, West Virginia to meet up with fellow Holler Productions Staff Member and member of OrViLL REX, Phillip Smallwood II to hitch a ride to the show.
The 3 of us were accompanied by 4 of our friends,,, was the first time Adam Russell and Iris Bailey had seen him Preform.
The show itsself was free but they asked upon entering if we would be intrested in donating a five dollar donation to give to Weird Paul for playing the show in which we were all glad to partake in.
Once getting in we were told to help ourselves to some free pizza which was awesome cause after the long trip we were starting to get alittle hungry.
While we waited for Weird Paul to get started we kicked back and drank so beers and mingled with some of the folks out, a Documentary of Weird Paul was being shot there that night we were told.
Wasnt long after getting there and checking out the merch and mingling before he was all set up and ready to go.
From the moment he started until the time he finished he had the crowds full attention, he played a set of 10 or 11 songs and then took a half hour break before starting up a second set of 10 songs.
After finishing his Last song ‘One Big Poop’ the crowd went wild cheering ONE MORE SONG, ONE MORE SONG, ONE MORE SONG, so he asked the crowd what would you like to hear? someone said ‘Cake’ and boom ‘Cake’ was played.
After the show everyone was all excited and felt good from seeing this man do his thing

If You Havent Seen Him Live you are missing out.




youtube (music videos)

email Weird Paul here


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