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Supports all Rock, Metal, Hardcore and Punk World-Wide


It was in the closing stages of June 2010 that the idea of Obscure Chaos Fanzine was conceived in the USA. Our force is currently composed of dedicated freelance journalists, musicians, rockers, metalheads, poets, promoters, graphic designers, DJ’s that simply contribute their work because we worship music and it is our passion to share it all over the world. We enjoy supporting and promoting our friends as much as we can.


With all the rapid growth and changes within the ROCK, METAL, PUNK and HARDCORE genres our conception feels fit as we embrace a much wider range of music within these styles.


We review demos, vinyls, albums, DVDs, interviews and news about newsworthy issues, primarily regarding new albums, upcoming tours, line-up changes or new projects and to help promote bands who spike the perfect balance of savageness, ambiance, creativity and musicianship to new levels. It doesn’t matter how immense or diminutive you are . . . come and get exposure!


Obscure Chaos Zine, has expanded our mailing list to over 5,000 since our birth with industry contacts and fans worldwide. We are currently forming a mailing list of music fans and concert go-ers across the world to try and help build up your following.

We’re presently working on developing stronger relationships and gaining affiliations with music industry resources, labels, radio stations, agents, managers, promoters, venue coordinators, clubs, fest, magazines, fanzines (zines), graphic designers’, photographers and models, web directories, blogs, podcasts, social networks, and licensing opportunities (film/tv/games). We provide promotions all across the world and will try to help you with record label submissions, developing a proper press kit, bios, and internet promotions.

One of our goals is to support bands the old school way of word of mouth and through exposure on our pages.

We promote hard from our hearts because we appreciate all rock, metal, hardcore and punk music and believe in cultivating relationships with all. We support as many as possible and welcome you to promote on our walls with your band links, music and upcoming shows. Promotion is the key to unlock the gates of your success.


If you are sending a demo/album for review, please make sure the envelope is clearly marked DEMO and include a biography and contact email / url or phone number. Please also ensure your band name is written clearly as deciphering spiky logos can be near impossible.

Snail mail:
Mario Rienzo
C/O Obscure Chaos Zine
1811 Grove Street, Apt 2R
Ridgewood, NY 11385

Send us a message on facebook to request an staff member email address to send us digital music which can be sent unsolicited.

Press releases, news, promotional material or gig/tour details send us a FB message.


We are currently looking for other music warriors who are dependable, enthusiastic and honorable people that are interested in interviewing, reviewing albums, and concerts to widen our horizons’ to a new level and have the passion to support local acts as well as major because you enjoy what your support.

All Staff members come on this page (randomly)!

Lady Kat Chaos
Grand Mistress/Founder
INTENTS: World Wide Promotions/Interviews/Concerts Reviews/Fanzine Reviews/Scene Reports/Blog/Runs OCZ Like and Group Page
CHOSEN MUSIC GENRE(S): Metal (Thrash, Death, Black, etc.), Classic Rock, NYHC, Punk, Classical

Colleen “Rock Angel” Maloney
INTENTS: World Wide Promotions/Interviews
CHOSEN MUSIC GENRE(S): 80’s Heavy Metal – Hard/Classic Rock

Reggae Terror
INTENTS: Web Geek and album Reviewer
CHOSEN MUSIC GENRE(S): Death, Thrash, Black, Trad… (well anything except nu/new/alternate metal)

Tad DeLong
Co-Owner/Managing Editor/Senior Writer
CHOSEN MUSIC GENRE(S): Mine would be metal, thrash, metal 80’s, prog

Dave Wolff
Editor In Chief, Staff Writer
Intents: Music and print reviews
Chosen Music Genres: Metal, Punk, Hardcore, Goth, Psychobilly, 70s Horror/Occult Rock

Nick Yngve
Managing Editor
INTENTS: Album reviews, interviews and sometimes show reviews
CHOSEN MUSIC GENRE(S):Black and Thrash Metal mostly

Geoff McGraw
Music Manager/Senior Writer
INTENTS (Working on): Reviews
CHOSEN MUSIC GENRE(S): Metal in all its glorious genres

Alan Lisanti
Assignment Editor
Intents: reviews, interviews, assistance, etc.
Chosen Music Genre’s: Death Metal, Doom, Sludge, Thrash, etc.

Name: Rich Orth
Dark Art Director
INTENTS: Poet and willing reviewer and help when needed!

Asst. Art Director
INTENTS: Fashion, body art, tattoo, painting reviews, band interviews
CHOSEN MUSIC GENRE(S): Gothic, industrial

Brion Hughes
Contributing live interviewer & resident guitar/bass thrasher
Intents: To help this page however needed
Chosen Music Genre’s: Anything that don’t suck!!! lol Just play yer guitar damnit!!!!

David Avner

Charlie Taylor III
Album reviewer and band interviewer
INTENTS: sharing my love of the underground

Title: Doctor Death Metal
INTENTS (Working on): Writing

Lori DeLuca
Contributing Live Interviewer
INTENTS Live interviews
CHOSEN MUSIC GENRE(S): Many styles of Rock and Metal!

Iddimu Akhkharu
Contributing Live Interviewer
Language(s): English, Malay, Indonesian


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